Washing the (Off)White Away

It has been slow moving. Quite literally. I have v  e   r  y      s  l  o  w  l  y     been moving all of my stuff over to the new house.


Because many experienced home owners have provided me with insight:

Paint everything FIRST. (And complete any larger tasks you can first… But I may have to wait a while for that. Details later.)

As thankful as I am for all of the advice, I really want things to move more quickly… but with white trim that needs to be completely repainted, it seems like I am going nowhere fast. At least the fireplace was a slightly more beige-y color than the otherwise dingy moulding. It was actually somewhat rewarding to paint this puppy (note, the walls have been primed, but not painted… it seems the living room is giving me a bad case of the second-guesses):



Not so exciting? Sorry, it’s been a bit lonely around Casa del Beau lately… It’s the little things that get me through the next project. Speaking of… I have a built-in to finish designing. Stay tuned.


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Slow and Steady…

… I wonder how that quote translates when there is no race to win?

As far as Beau is concerned, she is happy with small changes. We are still getting to know one another, so I’m trying not to push her too far. Today, the greenery around Beau’s neck had to go. It was a simple procedure, but made quite the difference:


An outdoorsy Necklace?Garlands of Christmas Past



I know, not a huge difference, but improvement nonetheless. See those paint swatches two pictures back? Those are the future of Beau. I decided to go with a Sea Glass palette as I am in love with all things outdoors-inspired without it being kitschy or overly lodge-y…  Besides, who couldn’t use a little sea-inspired serenity?

As far as what goes where, the kitchen will be a light and bright blue (as seen in the above picture). Progress is being made in this area–at least in reference to the beginning stages:


Future Nook

I’m hoping that using Olympic No VOC primer will help to minimize coats of paint (and hopefully minimize costs in the end). So far, I’ve spent 33 dollars in home improvement materials (paint samples, primer, paint brush)… I have no estimate for what the damage will be in the end* but I’ll do my best to save receipts and do budget updates as I go.

Happy Painting to Me.

*as stated in the beginning, there is no true end, I feel, in this home improvement project. Fine by me!

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Too Little Too Late?

So I’ve not been on here.

Short story: It’s been a busy year. I moved back to Missouri, watched/helped (a little) my best friend get herself hitched, bought a house, moved into that house, got a real job, and generally just changed my life.

Shorter Story: I’m back to blogging because I’m bored.

So, from here, where will the ol’ blog go?

Have fun watching me fix upattempt to fix up my newest investment…

Meet Beau, my new-to-me bungalow:

Beau's Kitchen

She (yes, Beau is a she… and she really loves her gender-neutral name) is my first big life event– other than my move to Colorado. And she is CERTAINLY the first event in my life that makes me think that I am growing up too fast. I may have had a moment of cold-feet for a second, but true love won out and I am excited to introduce her now.

As for that wedding. All the best wishes for Bekah and Patrick. You are a beautiful couple and I am so lucky to have been a part of your big life event. Even if it was a wee bit stressful at times… After all, we will only remember the good times in the years to come. Here’s to you!



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Adventures in Wanderland

I will admit, some times, it is a bit lonely here. I love my family and miss them.

A lot.


But… this isn’t a sad post. ‘Cause my mom came to visit! We had so much fun. We ate. We laughed. We ate some more. We walked around in between even more meals.

Good times.

Here is the evidence:

A sweet pear and rum crepe at Crepes & Crepes,


a mussels-and-lobster dinner (and chocolate cake dessert!) at Le Central (why yes, I did play with the lobster claws… It’s a shame Mom has the only photo…),


A visit to the Aquarium. Where we met many a fine friend!

This poor guy was being harassed by Sharky…


While I posed with him…

…and gawked at the awkward sex-life of Giant Groupers.


Photo Opps!




And Mom’s favorites… the jellies…


Mmm… speaking of jelly (*cough-donuts-cough*)…

here is one of the prettier desserts we devoured over the weekend.

Thank you, d Bar!


And thank you, Mom, for visiting me. Nothing like a girls’ weekend out.

Now excuse me while I plan your next visit…

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Welcome to the Past Time of a Nightwalker…


Move over Necessity, you’re no longer the mother of Invention. Make way for…


That’s right. When Bill Swets failed to grow  somnolent in the night, he pursued a more noble cause than sleep: art. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Swets has birthed more than 160 little (or gargantuan) metal imps, aliens, dinosaurs, and bugs. And a few sad little men to boot. Poor guy:


Others were a bit less despondent… but exponentially more mischievous. This guy had it out for my friend’s car:



And this one? Well… read here for a brief overview of a certain 1996 scandal.



So… in case you are in need of a nice, quiet, whimsical day off, head to the metal playground of the Swets family. The Zoo is located at 4801 E. Harmony Road in Fort Collins. Say hi to Bill for me! (The metal one, that is.)

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