Mt. Belford: My First Fourteener!

            Here is a breakdown of Mt. Belford. At 14,197 feet, this guy was a killer in the Collegiate peaks. I was hardly adjusted to the altitude (not to mention slightly out of shape) when we trekked into the wide world of collegiate fourteeners. We arrived in the Collegiate wilderness area the night before our hike up and were concerned by the looming clouds overhead. In the morning, the rain pushed back our ascent by about an hour, but by 9 am, we were eager to go. fast forward to 12pm: Angela and I were almost dead with exhaustion. If you have never breathed on small amounts of oxygen, you will never understand the burning feeling that accompanies each minor movement. When we finally reached to summit, the view took a backseat to the yummy looking rock were we stretched out to “nap.” After a semi-recovery, a lunch of delicious bagged food, and a signing of the summit list, we headed back down toward the comforts of car cushions and hot tang. Oh yes, it was hard, but hard is hardly an excuse for not going. Here are some of the best pictures of the hike and summit. Enjoy! (click on any picture to enlarge)




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