The Prize Winning Stew

      The TV show The Simple Life epitomized the irony of being a fashionista in a field dotted with manure mines. It taught people a little bit about the golden farm lands and a lot about how people react to them.  And that brings us here. In this delightful little blog, I hope you laugh, cry (from laughter of course), and maybe learn a little bit about things that make the U.S. one spectacular place to live.

     I start this blog with a little bit about myself. If you would like the singles listing rundown I am a SWF, avg h/w, lv coffee, fam, frnds. LF… adventure. A more detailed look and you would find a simply complex farm girl from an awkward-sized city in southwest Missouri. That land of milk and manure taught me how to take the dirtiest bits of life and make them my honey. It also taught me how to be independent–which is why this blog has come to be in the first place.

      A lifelong lover of learning and nature, travel seemed to naturally fit into my interests. My first memory of such was a family vacation to California. In truth, that two week span should have cured my then infantile passion for good.   The first week we were locked out of our car on one of the coldest days of San Francisco’s summer. Doesn’t sound that bad? Add 30 mile per hour winds whipping you from the Pacific side, and you might understand the misery. Attire: shorts and T-shirts. Wait time: 2 hours. Location: a yacht club that had its nose far to high in the air to ever allow commoners into their pretentious lobby. 

      Just as unsettling was the jostle we received on the notorious freeways of L.A. Only minutes after leaving Dodger Stadium with bellies full of processed meats and cheeses, we were sleepily on our way back to our beds. CRASH! Oh God. There was a thick dark liquid all over me. Who was it? was it me? I felt my head. It was me. I had hit my head on my aunts soda can and was now dripping with… coke. We spent the night in the hospital to be sure my brother wasn’t suffering internal bleeding, and walked away from the debacle with a nothing more than a severe case of whiplash. This adventure into new territory–even though ripe with pain and distress–led me into many years of travel throughout the U.S. I have a slight feeling it also had something to do my sporadic choice to move all my belongings into the tiniest of dorm rooms in a town I had never even laid eyes on.         

      From road trips with friends to family vacations (otherwise known as forced family bonding) I have come to realize what a diverse place America is.  I hope that some of these observations I’ve collected en route help you to catch a glimpse of the beautiful places we each call home.  America, after all, is the greatest cultural melting pot in history. My joy is in finding the ingredients that make it.


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