Slow and Steady…

… I wonder how that quote translates when there is no race to win?

As far as Beau is concerned, she is happy with small changes. We are still getting to know one another, so I’m trying not to push her too far. Today, the greenery around Beau’s neck had to go. It was a simple procedure, but made quite the difference:


An outdoorsy Necklace?Garlands of Christmas Past



I know, not a huge difference, but improvement nonetheless. See those paint swatches two pictures back? Those are the future of Beau. I decided to go with a Sea Glass palette as I am in love with all things outdoors-inspired without it being kitschy or overly lodge-y… ¬†Besides, who couldn’t use a little sea-inspired serenity?

As far as what goes where, the kitchen will be a light and bright blue (as seen in the above picture). Progress is being made in this area–at least in reference to the beginning stages:


Future Nook

I’m hoping that using Olympic No VOC primer will help to minimize coats of paint (and hopefully minimize costs in the end). So far, I’ve spent 33 dollars in home improvement materials (paint samples, primer, paint brush)… I have no estimate for what the damage will be in the end* but I’ll do my best to save receipts and do budget updates as I go.

Happy Painting to Me.

*as stated in the beginning, there is no true end, I feel, in this home improvement project. Fine by me!


26 July 2011. Tags: , , , . Beau.

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