Washing the (Off)White Away

It has been slow moving. Quite literally. I have v  e   r  y      s  l  o  w  l  y     been moving all of my stuff over to the new house.


Because many experienced home owners have provided me with insight:

Paint everything FIRST. (And complete any larger tasks you can first… But I may have to wait a while for that. Details later.)

As thankful as I am for all of the advice, I really want things to move more quickly… but with white trim that needs to be completely repainted, it seems like I am going nowhere fast. At least the fireplace was a slightly more beige-y color than the otherwise dingy moulding. It was actually somewhat rewarding to paint this puppy (note, the walls have been primed, but not painted… it seems the living room is giving me a bad case of the second-guesses):



Not so exciting? Sorry, it’s been a bit lonely around Casa del Beau lately… It’s the little things that get me through the next project. Speaking of… I have a built-in to finish designing. Stay tuned.


9 August 2011. Beau.

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