All in All it’s just Another Day…

I finished packing last night and have shipped all but the bare essentials back to the lower forty-eight. I also had to say goodbye to my amazing coworkers. It is hard to believe that I am leaving here so soon. However off kilter my emotions to her and Colorado, I think this week might be a good note to leave on. The rain and sudden dive of the thermometer has reminded me that winter is coming… and the sun is leaving. But I refuse to allow my own barometer to dip! To up my mood I got to talk to many of my favorite people today from all over the nation: Sarah in Kansas, Jackson in Springfield, Ryan in Colorado and Bekah in South Carolina. (How did cavemen live without cellphones??!) My time here has been sweet, but I am making like a bird and flying away…

One last glance...

Alaskans: I will miss you!

Coloradoans: I will see you soon!

Everyone else: I will… call you!


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A Catching We Go!

I finally caught a fish here. Levi and I happened to stumble upon a sweet spot after we realized that the only thing I would be catching at Trail Race was someone else’s line. I caught the first salmon (a silver) and then two pinks that we threw back (they aren’t as tasty). All in all we kept three fish and had a friend smoke them. I will be needing to stop back by that fishing hole to try to gather some supplies for Fort Collins.

Shishun' in AK

… I also learned to kill and gut the fish. I still don’t know what to think of the process… but I can, in fact, do it.

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I Shall Call Him Mutant

One of my top ten favorite movies is “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.” Jason Bates plays a ceremoniously dignified accountant that is nicknamed “Mutant” by the ever bubbly, never bland Mr. Magorium (Sean Penn). So when Beth showed me the green glob growing in the garden, this movie was the first thing to pop into my mind. See for yourself:



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Hatcher Pass and Fuzzy Cuffs

   I’m not yet finished with the Europe series, but lets face it: I’m bored easily and Alaska has provided me with ample detour material.

      This weekend I went for a hike with Stephanie into Hatcher Pass. It was a spur of the moment decision and we decided the rainfall would not deter us. Unfortunately, it also didn’t deter a certain lady ranger that made the most of showing off her “superiority.”

      We didn’t make it half way up the hill to Hatchers before my $100 car began smoking. Stephanie and I were gabbing away when a guy honked at us and let us know that we were on the verge of a major meltdown–or blowup; you decide. (Being the awesome mechanic that I am, I personally sense that it is a slipping belt… or maybe it was Levi who told me that. We will never know.)

Gloria sitting on her rightful throne... awaiting junkyardom.

Gloria sitting on her rightful throne... awaiting junkyardom.

         So we changed the plans from starting at Summit Lake to making it our final destination. As we first began the ascent, “Fuzzy Cuffs” (my coworker, Matt, informed me of this endearing title with the summation: “because she’s a pansy.” ) told us to move my car further uphill. I protested with the “but it’s gonna blowup” defense, but she made me anyhow.



       About 500 yards up the road she told us we were not dressed appropriately for such severe weather. It is summer. It is rainy. So what. Even in Alaska, the summer temps are mild enough that you will make it out alive if only you keep moving. 

Enjoying the scenery. Fuzzy Cuffs excluded.

Enjoying the scenery. Fuzzy Cuffs excluded.

       Nearing the top, now. She stops us again: “I don’t think you understand. Are you okay? I don’t think you are. You’re not dressed right. You know people have died up here!?” Yes, ma’am. By the way, it’s summer. And warm. Just in case you have failed to actually step outside of your ranger rover in the past few months.

Summit Lake surrounded by a mysterious fog. Perfect murder mystery setting. Maybe we misjudged Fuzz.

Summit Lake surrounded by an eerie fog. Perfect murder mystery setting. Maybe we misjudged Fuzz.

Summit Lake


      Stephanie and I ignored her other failed attempts and began mocking her as an alternative to slaying. We did get some good pictures. One as she parked on top of the hill and hawk-eyed us all the way back to my car, and the other as she drove by once we made it. One thing is for sure: she is an import. 

See ya next time, Fuzz!

See ya next time, Fuzz!

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Sunnyday June 28th, 2009…

         I’m just going to say it: today was a great day. I bought my plane ticket for Missouri and am excited to see the fam in August! Luke decided that it was best to sleep in, so I got some sunshine while waiting for him to wake up. We played some catch, threw a frisbee around, and took a scooter ride around the property. The clouds rolled in and we called it a day. Mariah and I accompanied Luke to a business barbeque of his and enjoyed delicious fresh halibut and salmon and Matanuska valley fresh cream-made cheesecake. I can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Sunday.

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