Adventures in Wanderland

I will admit, some times, it is a bit lonely here. I love my family and miss them.

A lot.


But… this isn’t a sad post. ‘Cause my mom came to visit! We had so much fun. We ate. We laughed. We ate some more. We walked around in between even more meals.

Good times.

Here is the evidence:

A sweet pear and rum crepe at Crepes & Crepes,


a mussels-and-lobster dinner (and chocolate cake dessert!) at Le Central (why yes, I did play with the lobster claws… It’s a shame Mom has the only photo…),


A visit to the Aquarium. Where we met many a fine friend!

This poor guy was being harassed by Sharky…


While I posed with him…

…and gawked at the awkward sex-life of Giant Groupers.


Photo Opps!




And Mom’s favorites… the jellies…


Mmm… speaking of jelly (*cough-donuts-cough*)…

here is one of the prettier desserts we devoured over the weekend.

Thank you, d Bar!


And thank you, Mom, for visiting me. Nothing like a girls’ weekend out.

Now excuse me while I plan your next visit…


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I’ve Been Lazy…

Alright, I am STILL feeling lazy. But it’s because I have this horrible event happening in the morning:

Moving day.

I have been lacking any hint of motivation and may perhaps be in a state of denial. If only I had something to inspire me…

I’ll just pretend that this is where I am moving to:

Are any millionaires looking for a slave servant wife?

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Graduation Weekend, Part 2

Alright… so here is the rest of the story: Graduation weekend was amazing. I got to see my family and graduate with my best friend by my side (and Bekah, my favorite/best cousin/friend in my heart). I even got to take the family to Horsetooth before the 7pm graduation.


Yes, a big but appeared in the middle of this epic weekend.

First, I got a text in the middle of the graduation ceremony informing me that I no longer had a job. Irony at it’s best. Second, my mom was hospitalized for severe stomach pain and had to have her appendix removed in Rocky Mountain Regional Hospital. So I got my wish for my family to stay longer, but not quite in the fashion I had hoped.

While my mom underwent the knife, all of us kids left with my aunt and uncle to Estes for the day to relieve some stress and to avoid causing the nurses of RMRH to ignore their Hippocratic oath. I felt a bit uneasy about leaving my mom, but she assured us she didn’t want us sitting waiting on her, so off to Rocky Mountain National Park we went.

And we ended our day with a tour of the famous Stanley Hotel where Steven King penned The Shining while enjoying a stay in the mountains.

The day may have made some of us loopy-er than others…

But no fear, we didn’t leave Mom completely in the dark. When we made it back to the hospital to visit her post-appendectomy, she was thrilled to see the evidence of a day spent outside the confines of the hospital walls.

The weekend may have been flawed, but it wasn’t bad. Mom made it safely back to Missouri and is recuperating (though without the help of pain meds–yuck!)

And hey, if I hadn’t lost my job, I would have never been able to embark on this next adventure: Road Trip West 2010.

More on that later.

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A Bould Graduation Weekend

I am officially a college graduate!

My family came into town to attend the graduation and to enjoy the beauty that Colorado has to offer. It was a fantastic weekend… Well, that’s a lie. It was actually a pretty crummy weekend that somehow turned out okay, but that is part 2 of this epic weekend. I’ll tell you all about it later.

Now for the good, clean, non-emergency room fun:

We met the famous Boulder Contortionist on Pearl Street and watched him perform while dad ran to lock the car (oops!). He was definitely entertaining, but the Skinner family has never had a hard time finding self-entertainment. We laughed for several minutes about the irony of this door sign. (If only we had known the irony yet to come.):

We left dear little Pearl Street and headed to the Celestial Seasonings Tea factory. I picked up a half boat-load of tea and after sampling almost every flavor, we all were a little giddy. Here is some evidence of the caffeine consumption:

Kendra and I actively intaking…

Sarah and Lauren making friends…

Me taking advantage of the sleeping bear.

It was a good day in Boulder… Next, I only had to tackle the dreaded “Graduation Day”…

But I’ll save that for next time.

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ES Squared Goes on a Hike

Today, I headed to Boulder to meet up with Emily Spriggs (a hometown friend doing her clinicals in Denver). We first found some fantastic sun, sustenance, and shopping on Pearl Street, and then headed to a local trail to finish off the day trip with a hike up Mount Sanitas.

Nothing like beginning the hike with some “fresh” snow. I am not one to┬ácomplain… I enjoy seeing friendly faces on the trail :]

“Do you see all of that, son? One day, all of that will be yours…”

“Cause it’s the circle of life! And it moves us all…”

Yes. There may may have been singing on the mount. But honestly, who wouldn’t be singing with views like these?

At the end of the day… I have only one question: How can two such awesome, food-cooking, adventure-loving, silliness-making girls NOT be in one half of a couple? I’m just sayin’…

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