Too Little Too Late?

So I’ve not been on here.

Short story: It’s been a busy year. I moved back to Missouri, watched/helped (a little) my best friend get herself hitched, bought a house, moved into that house, got a real job, and generally just changed my life.

Shorter Story: I’m back to blogging because I’m bored.

So, from here, where will the ol’ blog go?

Have fun watching me fix upattempt to fix up my newest investment…

Meet Beau, my new-to-me bungalow:

Beau's Kitchen

She (yes, Beau is a she… and she really loves her gender-neutral name) is my first big life event– other than my move to Colorado. And she is CERTAINLY the first event in my life that makes me think that I am growing up too fast. I may have had a moment of cold-feet for a second, but true love won out and I am excited to introduce her now.

As for that wedding. All the best wishes for Bekah and Patrick. You are a beautiful couple and I am so lucky to have been a part of your big life event. Even if it was a wee bit stressful at times… After all, we will only remember the good times in the years to come. Here’s to you!




24 July 2011. travel.

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