I am…

In the beginning…

This blog was a school project. I had to create a blog based on something I loved. Hiking and the outdoors was a natural choice. But over the years, my loves have expanded and categories such as food and most recently, decorating, have worked there way into my life.

A wee bit about me:

I am a 23 year-old with an English degree and an inability to find one single location to love. I have lived in Colorado, Alaska, and Missouri and look for opportunities for growth and adventure with every move. I am a writer, a (wannabe) cook, and take amateur photography — more for my own pleasure than anything else. I am currently exploring cooking for different dietary needs like veganism and celiac’s disease…. and I just bought my first home, so many of my blog posts might relate to Beau (the Bungalow).

In this blog you will find me, what I love, and where I go. About me:

  • I’m a born and bread Missourian that was raised on a dairy farm but…
  • At age 20 I made the solo move to the beautiful state of Colorado. I finally feel like I am home here.
  • That being said, I love my family. It can be argued that they are the reason I moved back to Missouri.
  • I love to travel, but I enjoy the great outdoors more than any city life, so I tend to want to go to more remote areas of the planet. This makes travel companions a little harder to come by.
  • In summer of 2009, I lived in Alaska with my college roommate.
  • I believe in Vegetarianism but I cannot practice this at all points in my life. Still, nothing makes me happier than a fresh salad and a peach!
  • People are what make my world revolve. If I had a theme song, it might be “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles
    (though I might add a line “…and some action”… but in the most philanthropic way possible).
  • I almost always prefer the company of others to “me time” but I still have my moments…
  • I am still figuring it all out. I am still figuring ME out. Where I have been is history; I am simply waiting to see who I become. Someday, I would love to write a book about all of the people that I have met, their stories, and how they have influenced me. In the meantime, I will try to meet as many of those people as possible : )

If only the whole world would fit into the back of my car… I would save a lot of money. But it won’t, so I am stuck exploring it one state (or country) at a time. Worse things have been known to happen. Hope you enjoy the photos and the quips in this little blog about life and living it!



  1. Deidre replied:

    Hi There-I love your blog! I am 40- I did two years of college as an English major, worked, travelled and married at 29- I have two children , one of which is in heaven (she passed away of a genetic disease six years ago)and I have healthy four year old son. However, I am now separated from my husband of ten years. I too love writing-and have written mostly poetry would like to get my business back up and going…The Porcelain Cup Teahouse… I need to upgrade my skills so that I can go back to work-but just wanted to say hi! and all the best with your writing career-and photography!!

    • eminco replied:

      Thanks so much Deidre! It is encouraging to know that someone outside of my immediate family enjoys these photos/writings. I’m sorry to hear of your loss, but I am happy to know you’re going after your dream again. Let me know when/if you get a website up for your business. I would love to see it.

      Thanks again!

  2. Deidre replied:

    Thanks Emily for your reply! I will let you know!


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