Welcome to the Past Time of a Nightwalker…


Move over Necessity, you’re no longer the mother of Invention. Make way for…


That’s right. When Bill Swets failed to grow ┬ásomnolent in the night, he pursued a more noble cause than sleep: art. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Swets has birthed more than 160 little (or gargantuan) metal imps, aliens, dinosaurs, and bugs. And a few sad little men to boot. Poor guy:


Others were a bit less despondent… but exponentially more┬ámischievous. This guy had it out for my friend’s car:



And this one? Well… read here for a brief overview of a certain 1996 scandal.



So… in case you are in need of a nice, quiet, whimsical day off, head to the metal playground of the Swets family. The Zoo is located at 4801 E. Harmony Road in Fort Collins. Say hi to Bill for me! (The metal one, that is.)


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