Waving to the East

Grey Rock is one of my favorite hikes in the Fort Collins area. It offers an amazing view, not to mention a thorough workout. This was climb number four for me and the first summit for Angela. Okay, honestly, we didn’t actually go to the summit, we opted for the false one because it was better for wind protection and sunning. But it was a summit hike, nonetheless.

This time I simply waved to my family in the distance. In a month, they will be here to join me on this magnificent trail. If you look closely (really, extremely closely) you might be able to make out Springfield…

When Ang and I reached the top, we rested and enjoyed the view until our bums were numb. The view is always my favorite part of hiking.

And after deciding to take the “easier” meadow trail on the way back, we realized that it was anything BUT easier, but were at least rewarded with some more great views. It’s hard to believe it took us thirty minutes to get from the top of this rock to the meadow were this picture was taken:

I even got a bird’s-eye-view of last weekend’s hike at Hewlett Gulch!


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