I’m Just the Dog…

Side note: The past few weeks have been busy! I am now tutoring a woman who is getting her MA in apparel and merchandising (as well as tutoring Naema on occasion), working full time, and still volunteering at the IEP at CSU… and… I have decided to go back to school. So add GRE prep to the mix and this girl has few spare hours in the day… Anyway, enough excuses. On to the post:

Few things are as exciting as stumbling upon the Estes Park treasure known as Elk Fest. Yes, Ruth, Jess, and I travelled to Estes/Rocky Mountain National Park to view the beautiful fall foliage and we greeted by the enormous occasion dedicated to the wapiti of Rocky Mounts.

A quick decision was made to change our initial plans and go “elk hunting.”

…but we quickly became distracted by a few more-fierce inhabitants of the hills:

The stunning (and sleepy) Willow the Wolf.


The terrifyingly agile Beaky Bill.*




The slightly more whimsical (and cute!) Rudy the Owl.*

After animal hour, it was time to venture to the Stanley. They tried to make us pay, but we showed them! A 10 minute hike from downtown Estes was definitely worth the $1.66 we each saved. After all we would have never discovered this gem:

I would likely maim a moose for views like these:



Oh, Dear Stanley! How I’ve missed your pretensions and general horror…



Well, we couldn’t leave without at least one (or 37) creepy picture(s). I think we freaked out a few of the guests with these shots.


And speaking of shots, no, we did not kill any elk. Or moosen for that matter. But we did enjoy shooting the beautiful outdoor wilderness know as RMNP. My camera died almost immediately upon entrance, but I feel it’s better to observe with your naked eye as opposed to through a viewfinder. At least occasionally.

I can’t complain. The day was a marvelous 12 hours of fun, food, friends, illegal hiking, bandana stealing, and elk hunting. And wolf petting. And barefoot tramping… and picture opps like this:


God bless you, Enos Mills.





*I won’t lie, I made up names. I couldn’t resist. The birds were presented by Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, but I was to enthralled by Bill’s 180 degree head turn to pay attention to his monitor. Hey, the names could be right for all I know…


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One Comment

  1. dad replied:

    Where are all teh loveley moosen? A moose once bit my sister…enough Monty Python, we had a couple of Rudy the owls at the cabin Saturday morn, one was behind the cabin and the other was answering up the hill, they went back and forth for about five minutes. It was like a spiritual moment, until I shot one of them. Just kidding.
    When you can, post the elk pictures. I bought a new smoker for jerkey fabrication to begin soon. Miss you, hope to see you soon.
    your non vegan dad

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