Miso Full!

Okay, that is quite the vapid/pathetic/dopey title, but it is true! I lead a conversation group and tonight, at our first official meet-up, we decided to share foods from our countries. Miho, Hiroe, and Anna are from Japan and made bean paste pancakes, miso soup, and sushi! YoonJeong is from South Korea and made a beef and mushroom dish as well as fried rice. Neama (from Libya) made some falafel and we enjoyed some arabic treats left over from the post Ramadan celebration known as Eid. And I made brownies. I know, not the most exotic or traditional American fare, but it was the unanimous choice when I asked what food the girls would like to try.

YoonJeong and Miho prepared the bean paste pancakes…

…while Hiroe and Anna (not pictured) made the sushi! There were only a few technically difficulties in the process… most due to the fact that I do not own a microwave.

But all worked out in the end.

We had quite the spread when we sat down to eat. Complete with chopsticks for eating utensils…

The falafel was a bit tricky to pick up…

But Neama mastered it with the stab-and-eat method.


16 September 2010. Food and Recipes, Social Commentary.

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