Grey Rock #542

So this was more like hike #7, but I am aiming for hyperbole here.

Caleb’s friend, Josh, was in town this weekend, and you simply cannot come to Colorado without being thrown into the wilderness for a few hours. After a few days of hitting up Old Town (Crown Pub, I think you might be the winner of this particular visit — sorry Drunken Monkey, you’re still tool city), it was time to tour the other side of Fort Collins.

I have to admit, the hike kicked my butt (I really need to start hiking regularly again), but Josh was an excellent sport! He didn’t even complain when we had to walk back in almost complete darkness, save  a my headlamp that Caleb was operating in the front of the pack. It was for the best; I complained enough for a few people…

On to the pictures!

Notice the hint of past nights on the town in this picture:

I believe we had a discussion about God Complexes earlier in the day…

Between the Old Town good times and the butt-kicking hike, the weekend was certainly a nice vacation from reality for me. I only hope our company felt the same way!


30 August 2010. Tags: . colorado, Hiking/Backpacking.

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