The Older I Get, the Older you Get

Last weekend was Caleb’s birthday — his 25th birthday to be exact. Neither of us are looking forward to more birthdays, so we decided to get out of Dodge for a day. After a nice night out in Fort Collins, we left the next morning for Colorado Springs to spend some time and money in the great Colorado sunshine. We first headed to Pike’s Peak only to make it to the 11 mile marker, but we saw breathtaking views nonetheless (and a certain someone was falling asleep anyhow, so little actual sightseeing was lost…).

Making our way to the top, we saw a few oddities.

We thought that sign was a joke until…


It’s okay though, it turns out he is just a giant, misunderstood softy at heart.

Moving on. We next visited Garden of the Gods. My favorite (I think most girls’ favorite) rock is the kissing camels. I just don’t know who wouldn’t love such an adorable display of affection between two humpbacked creatures…

But I won’t discount the beauty of all the other rock formations. This place really does seem like a supernatural sculptural garden.

So happy birthday, Caleb! Here’s to another 25 years of life, learning, and love!


28 March 2010. Tags: , , , , . colorado, travel.

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