Gray Days Call for Grey Rock!

There is nothing gloomy about this peak. Grey Rock is one of my favorite Fort Collins area hikes and one that I often revisit. This weekend, several of my old friends got together for a reunion in the great outdoors. The beginning of the trail was amazing. Sunny, not a cloud in sight (alright, maybe a happy cumulus or two), and filled with beautiful sounds of running water and birds. The end was a little colder, a little windier, and a little tougher to climb down due to excess ice, but was well worth the bruised bums.

Making our way up. We let out a ‘woop!’ when we reached the “to Grey Rock Summit” sign… and then proceeded to layer up!

We had to stop for a group picture. It wouldn’t be a hike without one…

And after some fun on the ice rink, we scrambled or way to the summit!

And Jeannie demonstrated the Victory pose for those ants down below!

Another great hike under my belt, but I can’t wait for the next!

To get to Grey Rock From Fort Collins, CO: Take Hwy 287 North to Hwy 14. Drive up the Poudre Canyon for about 25 min.  Grey Rock trail will be on the right side of the road (clearly marked). Parking lot is on left. Cross the road at the cross walk, walk over the bridge, and you’re on your way to an amazing adventure through the great Rocky Mountains!

NOTE: I suggest taking the summit trail and when you reach what you think might be the summit, keep going down the trail! The first is only a “false summit.” The real one is only another few hundred yards to the west.


14 February 2010. Tags: , , , , . colorado, Hiking/Backpacking.

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