Another Adventure on the Horizon!

The year 2010 is starting off just wonderfully! New friends, new activities… and new adventures! My friend Angela just got word that she was accepted into an internship program she applied for in December. And I get to go live with her! I will be working, of course, but we are going to fill our summer with… well, I am getting ahead of myself.

Wonder where this location might be? I will give you a few hints:

1) It was the national capital for about 1 year.

2) There are more than 12,700 taxis in operation any given day in this city.

3) There are 6374.6 miles of road within this city.

4) This city boasts the world’s largest Gothic cathedral which has been under construction for more than 115 years!

5) And it also boasts chaotic scenes such as this on a day to day basis…


I am sure there will plenty of trials and tribulations during the stay, but I am so glad to have one more adventure in progress — and with my amazing friend Angela no less. Who says I have to grow up and become a career woman so soon? I’ll take my youth over money any day.


2 February 2010. My Girls, travel.


  1. thelocalguide replied:

    Hope it will be a lot of fun! Don’t forget to blog it 🙂

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