Never Summer: the American Lakes

This hiking trip was absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect hike if I had tried. I had been to the Never Summer wilderness once before, but it was November and–though still gorgeous–was not as scenic on the hike in.

Moose 1 of dozens!

This was just one of the little guys that hung out with us for a while. There were dozens of them of all sizes and just when we though the wildlife couldn’t get any more amazing…

Here kitty...

… he showed up! He was so funny; sneaking up on mom (she yelled) and posing (yes… posing) left and right.  He kept getting closer for a good whiff of us and followed us up the trail before heading back to his valley.

Up the trail we go.

We saw the elk and moose early on, so we were able to hike with a lighter step as we trudged on up to the American Lakes.  We arrived shortly after dusk, set up camp, ate some delicious hike food, and called it a night. In the morning, the lakes called our names just beyond the patch of trees we called home for the night. The early morning light made the area look magical.

The view from my own eyes

Levi, Mom, and Dad went ahead as I meandered around the lakes. The reflections were almost as good as the real thing!


Even the wildflowers were in full bloom! What more could one ask for?

Columbine (the Colorado state flower!)

View from the upper lake.

Mom and I hiked up to the upper lake in an effort to ensure the safety of Levi (he had wandered over the ridge…) and this was taken on the way back down. I might even not be angry at Levi for running off due the the amazing view from up here.

Sadly, the hike had to end (Mom, Dad, and Levi had to drive back to Mo!), so we hiked back to the campsite, packed up, and ambled down 4 miles back to our awaiting ride. This hike is making my book (if I ever get around to writing it that is…)

One last peak from the summit lake


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