Paris was tired. Or maybe I was tired in Paris. Either way, little sleep was had and the long night wore me into sickness. We arrived in Paris on a PM flight from Greece and met up with Mariah’s friend, Justine, under the Eiffel tower. I passed out on a bench (where an amazing picture op was waiting) due to a sore throat that crept up on me in the airport.  We had no place to stay, so we were good little backpackers and stayed up all night meeting new friends and roaming around the city of romance. We were driven to the train station at 6AM (yes, by one of our new friends) and headed back to Aix to get together our things to re-enter the golden borders of the US of A.

Eiffel from my View

I have to admit, the night was fun enough that I might be willing to forgive the following week-long sickness that ensued (maybe). I was stuck in France, spoke no French, had strep, and was unable to show my sickness due to the swine flu epidemic and the fear that I had of being detained for signs of such illness. I think the highlight of that last day in Europe was Yvette repeatedly asking me things in French and me having no idea what was going on. Sadly… the final 24 hours in Europe were slept away.

The flights back were a blur, but I began to feel better somewhere over Texas and was only exponentially tired when I finally reached the final destination of Anchorage after over 36 hours of flying. When the Kincaids found me (apparently the speakers had not boomed louder the sound of my snores in the corner of the airport)I was curled in a ball sleeping in the company of a couple of bums nearby. I guess I blended in well enough that they had missed me the first time around. All I remember: One adventure down, a summer adventure in Alaska left be had.

Worth the sickness?


8 August 2009. Tags: , , , , . travel.

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