Weeks End

The Poudre River...        Grey Rock View

I had an interview early last weekend. After discussing many of the things that make me “me,” I was asked about how I spent spiritual moments. (This may seem like an odd question but the interview was for a volunteer position at a church in town.) My response? It took only moments to realize– nature! I feel most at ease and right with God when I make my way out into the great outdoors. I realize that others may not share this attitude, but I believe in the philosophy that humans crave to be in their natural environment. Hewlett Trail

Topping off the trail    Here are some of the photos from my two very different hiking excursions this past weekend. The first was a solo trip on Saturday in which I traveled lightly with only my camera and sketchbook by my side.

Hewlett Gulch is only 30 minutes from Fort Collins off of Hwy 14 just west of the small town of Poudre Park. The 8 mile loop is an easy hike that swings you from the gulch streams up to the tops of small meadow shadowing mountains. First time hikers or someone who wishes to just get away for a few hours would enjoy this relaxing trail.

On Sunday, the hiking got a little tougher, but the summit was still a fairly easy accomplishment. Grey Rock is a mountain just east of Hewlett Gulch (again on Hwy 14), and offers gorgeous views as well as easy to technical climbing. This has been one of my favorite hikes yet.


On the way up, four friends and I enjoyed gorgeous views of Fort Collins. Once we reahced the summit, those views expanded to include CSU campus, Horsetooth Reservior, and even the rolling landscape of Wyoming.Reaching the Summit at last!

One of the most beautiful sites of the hike is just below the summit scramble. A meadow complete with a cooling pool offers a mountain oasis for those who brave hot summer hikes.




Nature is the closest to heaven on earth that I will ever experience. Give it a try.



The Grey Rock Oasis


1 May 2008. Social Commentary.

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