If it’s Good enough for Harrison Ford…

Jenny Lake Sunset On the third excursion into the mountains of the west, I discovered Jackson, Wyoming. Now my dream living destination, I thought it would be nice to share some information and a few fun facts about this magnificent town:

First and foremost we must answer the age old question… Is it simply “Jackson,” or “Jackson Hole”???

The answer is BOTH!
The valley was the winter home of Davy Jackson, one of the early trapper-traders that made the Rockies their home. Since he and his friends made this their headquarters, the valley became known as “Jackson’s Hole.”

As others settled in and a town took shape, the official name of the town was Jackson but people still referred to it as Jackson Hole and it continues to this day.

The Tetons - Mt favorite mt. range

The National Elk Refuge, located just outside the town of Jackson,  is the largest established elk preserve in North America . Up to 9,000 elk winter on the refuge and visitors can enjoy close-up views on daily sleigh rides from December through April.

Jackson, Wyoming, elected the first all-woman city council in 1920.

The world’s longest running Shoot-Out, which began in 1957, is held six nights a week from May to September on the Jackson Town Square.

John Wayne’s first speaking part was in “The Big Trail,” filmed in Jackson Hole in 1932. It also is reputed to be the first time he rode a horse!

Over 15 feature films have been made on location in Jackson Hole including: “Shane,” “Spencer’s Mountain,” Any Which Way You Can,” and “Rocky IV.”

Mountain men used the word hole to describe valleys totally surrounded by mountains. (Hence the term “Jackson ‘Hole'”)

    More Fun Jackson Facts!


    11 April 2008. Social Commentary.

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