The Spiked Hills are Alive!

On account of the fact that my last post was all fun facts about Jackson, Wy, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the photos that I captured while in the town… highlighted by amusing stories.

To start with the horseback trail, that day was one of the most amazing cloud displays I have ever seen. While on the trail, I mainly kept my eyes toward the sky–lets face it, those horses could walk those trails in their sleep, so no danger there. I was lucky enough to get stuck behind the gassiest (and fattest) horse, so the serenity was a bit shaken. Once I got past it though, the scenes were unbeatable. There were Indian Paint-Brushes littering the slopes, and the clouds made ever square inch of land look as if it were dancing. The Aspen trees were lush and fully blossomed. Too bad this was our last day in Jackson.

Moving back on time, we spent our first day in Jackson on a hike around Jenny Lake, the largest of the three plus lakes in town. The beginning of the hike was much like any other, a few people here and there, a few chipmunks looking for food. But then, I saw it. The most adorable little fuzzy creature linger only a few feet from me. I thought about taking him home with me (no not really) until he let our a shrill little shreek that would make a howler monkey cry. He wasn’t the only friend we found on the trail. As we began our decent was the gorgeous Hidden Waterfall, we were all suddenly stopped by my youngest brother. “LOOK.” Coming towards us with no apparent distractions, was a bull moose. My family quickly dove behind the nearest tree and gawked in amazement as this massive creature walked within arms length passed us. As if show us that it was in fact HIS trail, our friend relieved himself just after passing. Good thing we had the video recorder. I think his father would have been proud.


11 April 2008. Social Commentary.


  1. Missy Brandt replied:

    Sounds as if you had a good time at Jackson Hole. That’s beautiful country. Your pictures are really cool.

  2. Katelin replied:

    Who knew wyoming could be so pretty? I always drive through the state when I go to visit my family but all I ever see is flat land and bushes.

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