Wild Wild Midwesterners

Stress aside, this semester in Colorado has been life-inspiring. This particular blog post is dedicated to the most recent of my adventures in the Coloradoan wilderness.
Scenario: Four midwesterners camping in the middle of a nowhere. Mountain lions and bears come with the territory.

After eating too many hot dogs and participating in some campfire dancing, bedtime had arrived. With only one tent, Nick and I were condemned to sleep wedged between a couple big rocks. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping… but in all previous cases I had a tent to separate me from the wild animals that lurked in the night. After reluctantly falling asleep, the wind that howled through the canyons began to pick up. This helped to keep the unfamiliar noises at bay, but was lousy for keeping already frozen body parts warm. Therefore, constant wiggling of the toes was a necessity. It was directly after the wiggle session that the first offense took place: some small creature decided roaming over my feet was the proper way to welcome me to his lair. Freaking out was the only acceptable form of thanks I could think of on such short notice. A sleepy eyed Nick was not impressed.

The next encounter with amoral nature came only a few hours later. At approximately 4:24 a.m., the attack occurred. This all happened within about a 3 second time frame, so I will break it down as accurately as possible:

second number one: Previously sound asleep, I am rattled by the startled voice of a waking Nick. I feel an arm fly over me and the hearty yelp that sounded of sheer terror.

second number two: I don’t want to see the “thing” that is upon us so I keep my eyes closed, bury further into my sleeping bag, and begin to do the one thing that seems to make sense: scream for dear life. I hear the creature rattling our tarp covering and feel the thud if its body  jumping landing just above my head. This was it, I knew I was unprepared to face such a large animal and win.

second number three: “What are you doing?”

As I peeked my shaking body out from the covers of safety, I realized that my creature was the logs that had previously tied down the tarp above us. Granted, the logs would have done some damage had they landed on my head, but the immediate threat to life was over. Needless to say, the remaining portion of the night was long, and the morning was filled with hilarity as we reenacted the event to the tent-sleepers.Will I ever sleep without the comforts of a tent again? Hard to say, but one thing is sure: from now on, I am bringing mace.


25 March 2008. Social Commentary.


  1. Rachel replied:

    That’s a good story lol, although I don’t know how much mace would help you defend yourself against rogue logs…Where were you camping? Some friends and I are trying to plan a trip before the school year is over.

  2. Katelin replied:

    I think you are crazy for sleeping outside without a tent. Definately braver than me, I don’t sleep anywhere except hotel rooms.

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